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"WE CREATE the experience
THAT CHANGES THE LIFE." - Kensington Tours


"Step into lands of mystery and intrigue on a customized guided tour—from exotic Egypt to intoxicating India, from historic Israel and Jordan to contemporary Oman and United Arab Emirates. For only with the personal care of a guide and driver, and expertly tailored itinerary, can you really experience this region’s treasures, treats and remarkable people. With your private guide, watch the sun rise over the Taj Mahal, turning the most beautiful testament to love into a dazzling display of light and reflection. Throughout the Middle East, savor chosen culinary delicacies displayed on a gleaming brass tray, followed by pots of mint tea amidst the echoes of calls to prayer. Explore Jordan’s wondrous ancient city of Petra—a “rose-red city half as old as time,” or discover fascinating Oman. At night, bed down in a Bedouin camp under a blanket of stars—or in a former palace. ‘Kidtastic’ tailor-made tours available too in Egypt and India! Let our experts create unforgettable memories, your way, on personalized tours of Egypt, India and the Middle East." - Kensington Tours

Featured Private Tours to Egypt & Middle East


Egypt (Cairo, Nile)

Ride into the Egyptian sunset atop a camel, explore the Valley of the Kings with a knowledgeable guide, cruise down the Nile, see the Pyramids of Giza in person, and so much more on this exciting journey through the past. Bestseller

  • Glide down the Nile on a cruise with regular stops for private excursions.

  • Explore the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and King Tut’s tomb.

  • Learn about the Pyramids of Giza with the help of an experienced private Egyptologist guide.

  • Ride across the dunes atop a camel or horse on a sunset trek.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of premium accommodations.

9 Days from $3,366 pp*



Egypt (Cairo, Nile)

Feel the 5,000 year legacy of the pharaohs as you explore the unique treasures of Egypt. Discover Cairo’s storied relics and enjoy a luxury cruise along the Nile on this exclusive tour. Bestseller

  • Embark on a four-night Nile River cruise with private excursions.

  • Enjoy private guided tours of Old Cairo and Cairo by night.

  • With a private guide, discover the Great Pyramids of Giza.

  • Explore the Valley of the Kings and King Tut’s Tomb.

  • Featuring five-star hotels.

10 Days from $4,150 pp*



Egypt (Cairo, Aswan, Nile, Luxor, Hurghada)

Enjoy a lavish Oberoi Nile cruise and stay at elite Oberoi hotels as you explore Cairo, Luxor and the sparkling Red Sea. This is our most exclusive and far-reaching Egypt experience.

  • Explore the Pyramids of Giza with a private Egyptologist guide.

  • Venture down the Nile aboard the exclusive Oberoi Zahra river cruiser.

  • Tour important archaeological sites like the Valley of the Kings, Karnak, Luxor, and Dandarah.

  • Swim and snorkel around Red Sea reefs during a stay at the palatial Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of luxury accommodations.

14 Days from $9,338 pp*



Israel (Tel Aviv, Tiberias, Jerusalem, Eilat)

Experience the modern style of Tel Aviv, the holy secrets of Tiberias, the sacred shrines of Jerusalem, and the blissful beaches of Eilat on this in-depth exploration of Israel. Visit sites sacred to Jews and Christians, float in the Dead Sea, stroll around historic Acre with a private guide, and more.

  • Discover Tel Aviv's unique architecture on a private city tour.

  • Retrace Jesus' steps in Tiberias and Jerusalem's Old City.

  • Visit the Western Wall, Yad Vashem, Masada, and other important Jewish heritage sites.

  • Cross the border and spend a day exploring Petra, Jordan's amazing rock-cut city.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of premium accommodations.

12 Days from $9,468 pp*



Israel (Jerusalem, Tel Aviv)

Experience the historical sites and modern wonders of Israel's two major cities on a private highlight-filled tour of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Visit the Western Wall, Masada, and the Dead Sea, explore Tel Aviv’s unique architecture and art, and so much more. Bestseller

  • Explore the historic and sacred sites of Jerusalem's Old City, including the Western Wall and Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

  • Pay your respects on a solemn visit to the Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial.

  • Escape the UNESCO-protected site of Masada and the shores of the Dead Sea.

  • Discover the treasures of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Israel Museum, and the historic port of Jaffa.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of premium accommodations.

7 Days from $5,075 pp*


Israel (Tel Aviv, Galilee, Jerusalem)

Walk through history on an incredible journey through the Holy Land. Explore sacred sites in the Galilee region from a kibbutz, tour Nazareth and Jerusalem with a private guide, gaze out over Haifa from the top of Mount Carmel, visit the ruins of Masada, and much more. Bestseller

  • Witness some of Judaism’s holiest sites on guided tours through Nazareth and Safed.

  • Stay at a kibbutz amid the rolling hills of the Galilee region.

  • Explore the landmarks of Old Jerusalem, visit the Western Wall, and take in the incredible light show at the Tower of David.

  • Journey to the legendary fortress of Masada on the edge of the Dead Sea.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of premium accommodations.

8 Days from $6,616 pp*


Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem), Jordan (Dead Sea, Petra)

Discover Israel, home to many of the world's most historically important biblical and Judaic sites, followed by Jordan, home of the ancient stone-carved city of Petra - a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. Bestseller

  • Retrace the origins of Judaism and Christianity in Jerusalem.

  • Gaze over the desert at the ancient rock fortress of Masada.

  • Explore the towering cliffs of weathered stone at Wadi Rum.

  • Private guided tour of the ancient rock-cut city of Petra.

  • Featuring expertly selected premium hotels.

9 Days from $7,002 pp*


Funeral mask of Pharoah Tutankhamun, Egy

Israel (Cairo, Luxor), Jordan (Amman, Petra), Israel (Tel Aviv, Jerusalem)

Travel through time on this luxurious journey across Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. Visit the Pyramids of Giza and the temples of Luxor, marvel at Petra and Wadi Rum in Jordan, visit the ancient fortress of Masada and float in the Dead Sea, and explore the wonders of Jerusalem with private guides. 

  • Go back in time to the age of the pharaohs on private tours of the Pyramids of Giza and Luxor’s temples.

  • Stand in awe of Petra, Jordan’s immaculate rock-cut city.

  • Explore the holy sites of three major religions in Jerusalem.

  • Visit the ancient fortress of Masada, float in the Dead Sea, and visit sacred Bethlehem.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of luxury accommodations.

14 Days from $10,262 pp*


U.A.E. (Dubai), Egypt (Cairo, Nile)

Venture from awe-inspiring hyper-modern structures to timeless and mystifying ancient wonders, discovering the Arabian sun, and the highlights of Dubai and Egypt with a private guide. New! Bestseller

  • Discover pyramids, mummies, and more with a private, professional Egyptologist.

  • Take high tea in Dubai's iconic Burj Al Arab, the world's only 6-star hotel.

  • Multi-night cruise on the Nile, with private guided shore excursions.

  • Dine in the desert as part of an evening Jeep safari from Dubai.

  • Premium accommodations as recommended by regional specialist.

13 Days from $6,721 pp*



Jordan (Amman, Petra, Dead Sea)

Float in the Dead Sea, and bask in the monumental glory of the ancient, rock-carved city of Petra, as you journey through the signature sites of the Arab kingdom of Jordan. New! 

  • Float in the Dead Sea.

  • Explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra, with private guide.

  • With private guide, discover the desert wilderness of Wadi Rum.

  • Ascend Mount Nebo for captivating views over the Jordan Valley.

  • Selection of 5* accommodations as suggested by regional specialist.

7 Days from $2,660 pp*


Egypt (Cairo, Nile), Jordan (Petra, Wadi Rum)

Discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt with all of the luxurious benefits of the modern age. Meet the Sphinx and explore the Pyramids of Giza near Cairo, cruise down the Nile in five-star comfort, visit the Valley of the Kings with an Egyptologist guide, marvel at magical Petra in Jordan, and so much more. Bestseller

  • Explore the Pyramids of Giza on a full-day tour with an expert private guide.

  • Trek into the dunes around Cairo at sunset on the back of a camel.

  • Take a private tour of Petra, Jordan’s impeccable UNESCO World Heritage site.

  • Discover the magical oasis of Wadi Rum on a privately guided desert trek.

  • Stay at a handpicked selection of luxury accommodations.

12 Days from $7,500 pp*



Oman (Muscat), U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi, Dubai)

Delve into the natural and man-made wonders of the Arabian Peninsula on this journey through Oman and the United Arab Emirates. Visit dunes and wadis by private 4x4, sail the unique islands of Dubai’s harbor, see opulent mosques and landmark hotels, and more. New! Bestseller

  • Explore the forts and palaces of Muscat, the Omani capital.

  • Visit stunning desert landscapes and refreshing wadis by private 4x4.

  • Take in a falconry demonstration from a hot-air balloon 4,000 feet above the desert floor.

  • Wander traditional souks and glitzy shopping malls in search of gold and more.

  • Stay in a handpicked selection of premium accommodations.

9 Days Request Info*



U.A.E. (Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

Step into the futuristic cityscapes and wall-to-wall extravagance of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Tour the enormous Burj Khalifa skyscraper, take a deluxe desert safari on a conservation reserve, explore one of the world’s largest mosques and more. New! Bestseller

  • Take a tour of the Burj Khalifa and cruise Dubai’s harbor on an amazing dinner cruise.

  • Wander the souks of Bastakia, one of Dubai’s oldest neighborhoods, with a private guide.

  • Head into the desert on a luxury desert safari, complete with six-course meal.

  • Explore the sights of Abu Dhabi, including the enormous Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

  • Stay in a handpicked selection of premium accommodations.

7 Days from $4,585 pp*



U.A.E. (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah)

Gape at the science-fiction architecture and savor the extravagant delights of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Oman. Discover massive mosques, bustling souks, and futuristic buildings from the ground and the air, take a luxury desert safari, and much, much more. New! 

  • Embark on private, full-day tours of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the UAE’s sparkling cities.

  • Head out on a luxury desert safari en route to a six-course dinner at an exclusive reserve.

  • Get the best view of Dubai on a private flightseeing tour of its architectural marvels.

  • Board a traditional dhow boat and cruise Omani coast along the Musandam Peninsula.

  • Stay in a handpicked selection of luxury accommodations.

8 Days from $8,576 pp*



U.A.E. (Dubai)

Dine high above the clouds in the world's tallest building, indulge in high tea at the Burj Al Arab and tantalize your senses in luxurious accommodations that define Dubai’s opulence. New! 

  • Sample exclusive fine dining options.

  • Learn how to roll sushi like an expert.

  • Enjoy a spectacular dinner on a private yacht.

  • Private guided city tours of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

  • Featuring the luxurious and exclusive 6-star Burj Al Arab hotel.

5 Days from $9,195 pp*


“ I wanted to express my sincere thanks for the trip of a lifetime to India. We saw so many attractions on our short journey. The entire tour went without a hitch. 

- Ann S.

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"WE CREATE the experienceTHAT CHANGES THE LIFE." - Kensington Tours

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