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You Sail or Your Money Sails Without You!

As you know when we travel, we never know what events may happen that could jeopardize your vacation so we highly recommend adding travel protection. It is always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!

John Hancock Insurance

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Protect your travel investment
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Trip Cancellation Interruption Protection:


We are talking about a comprehensive policy that includes;

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Protection - with Emergency Medical, Air Evacuation & Pre-Existing Condition coverages!

It is important to know that any Travel Protection policy purchased within 14 days of an initial deposit payment, will cover you for a majority of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that you (or immediate family members may have).

A Pre-X is any unstable medical condition that is in-play within a 60-day look-back period from the date you cancel your vacation. Without the Pre-X Condition Waiver, if you cancel for a reason related to that Pre-X, you will not get a penny refunded to you, in-spite of the fact that you have Travel Insurance.

It is our responsibility to make sure that our clients proceed with a firm understanding of what is involved & the possible risks.

Lastly, your insurance will cost the same, if purchased without the Pre-X Condition Waiver, so if you are thinking about purchasing it at all, make sure to do so within that 14-day window!

KVI Travel recommends John Hancock for this service.

Please note that only their SILVER & GOLD PLANS offer the Pre-Existing Condition Waiver.The Bronze coverage does not!

Click 'GET A QUOTE' - 3 plans will appear: Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Important - only the SILVER & GOLD PLANS offer the Pre-existing condition waiver!

You will need:


  • a credit card... 

  • Your Deposit Date:

  • Your Cruise Costs:

  • Your Airfare Costs: (Can be modified to add airfare later)

  • Total Vacation Costs: 

  • Trip Start Date: 

  • Trip End Date:

Proceed to enter the details until you are asked to BUY the policy. When completed, you will receive a Policy Plan Number.

Travel Protection:




Please take a minute to clearly understand the importance of having Travel Protection.

Once you are with 30 days from a cruise or tour departure date, you enter the 100% penalty period where you depart or your money does! Cruise/Tour & Airline companies treat these situations with little concern.

The only way to be refunded with a cancellation is to have "Trip Cancellation & Interruption" protection that safeguards your full vacation costs, should you have to cancel due to a medical emergency that you or an immediate family member has. Many people assume that the Insurance on their credit card will have this coverage - check again & you will find that you only have Medical & Air Evac coverages! (Same with 'Medivac' plans)

It is important to know that once you leave the 2-mile limit off the North American continent, you have Zero Medical coverage with any Provincial or State Insurance plans.


The policies we recommend have everything you need!

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