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Trip Cancellation Interruption Protection:


We are talking about a comprehensive policy that includes;

Trip Cancellation/Interruption Protection - with Emergency Medical, Air Evacuation & Pre-Existing Condition coverages!

It is important to know that any Travel Protection policy purchased within 14 days of an initial deposit payment, will cover you for a majority of Pre-Existing Medical Conditions that you (or immediate family members may have).

A Pre-X is any unstable medical condition that is in-play within a 60-day look-back period from the date you cancel your vacation. Without the Pre-X Condition Waiver, if you cancel for a reason related to that Pre-X, you will not get a penny refunded to you, in-spite of the fact that you have Travel Insurance.

It is our responsibility to make sure that our clients proceed with a firm understanding of what is involved & the possible risks.

Lastly, your insurance will cost the same, if purchased without the Pre-X Condition Waiver, so if you are thinking about purchasing it at all, make sure to do so within that 14-day window!

KVI Travel recommends John Hancock for this service.

Please note that only their SILVER & GOLD PLANS offer the Pre-Existing Condition Waiver.The Bronze coverage does not!

Click 'GET A QUOTE' - 3 plans will appear: Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Important - only the SILVER & GOLD PLANS offer the Pre-existing condition waiver!

You will need:


  • a credit card... 

  • Your Deposit Date:

  • Your Cruise Costs:

  • Your Airfare Costs: (Can be modified to add airfare later)

  • Total Vacation Costs: 

  • Trip Start Date: 

  • Trip End Date:

Proceed to enter the details until you are asked to BUY the policy. When completed, you will receive a Policy Plan Number.

Travel Protection:




Please take a minute to clearly understand the importance of having Travel Protection.

Once you are with 30 days from a cruise or tour departure date, you enter the 100% penalty period where you depart or your money does! Cruise/Tour & Airline companies treat these situations with little concern.

The only way to be refunded with a cancellation is to have "Trip Cancellation & Interruption" protection that safeguards your full vacation costs, should you have to cancel due to a medical emergency that you or an immediate family member has. Many people assume that the Insurance on their credit card will have this coverage - check again & you will find that you only have Medical & Air Evac coverages! (Same with 'Medivac' plans)

It is important to know that once you leave the 2-mile limit off the North American continent, you have Zero Medical coverage with any Provincial or State Insurance plans.


The policies we recommend have everything you need!

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