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~ Worldwide Shore Excursions ~

Guaranteed Return to Ship with Shore Excursions Group!

24/7 Support, Best Excursions, Best Prices, Money Back Guarantee! 

"We provide a wide variety of exciting, appealing, and enriching shore excursions at prices lower than those of the cruise lines..." ~ Shores Excursion Group


"This is just to let you know that the Great Wall tour was fantastic. There were four of us plus the guide and driver. Everything went according to the plan. The guide Jin was informative and easy to understand.


The beauty of this tour was the direct drive to the Great Wall and with more than sufficient time to enjoy the Great Wall. We were not rushed and we could make our own schedule.Thank you for the referral of this tour"

~ Alton

Cruise Excursion Types:

Shore Excursions Group offers Lower Prices than cruise lines, Higher Quality, Smaller 
Groups, Guaranteed Return to ship & Money Back Guarantee!


Scenic Shore Excursions 

- Provide up close and personal access to some of the most spectacular natural environments on Earth.


Cultural Shore Excursions 
- Allow you to experience the customs, heritage, and local flavor of the destinations.


Active Shore Excursions 

- Offer a multitude of exciting and adventurous experiences.


Water/Beach Shore Excursions 

- Provide unique ways to enjoy the ocean, beach, and sea life.


Culinary Shore Excursions 

- allow you to sample the local culinary delights.

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